From what angle you look at R8: with its pure aesthetics and breathtaking lines, it invites you to a unique and powerful massage experience and a healthier life.

Sharp precision.

The R8 is a unique seat with 5D massage capability. With J Type technology, the R8 shows that power and elegance are perfectly matched in each therapy.

J-Type Technology

Innovative J-Type technology provides a very effective massage experience thanks to the wheels that extend from the neck to the hip fold. Stimulates soft tissues and acupuncture points between the muscles to help relieve your pain.

5D Capability


The R8 offers you more than just a chair. With its dynamic structure, it acts according to your height, weight and body structure. Integrates with massage


Determine the type of massage that suits your needs. Get a therapy exactly as you like with the pressure, scrubbing and stretching movements applied to the direct muscles.


R8 is not just rubbing your muscles. With its versatile J-Type technology, it reaches every point and provides an in-depth massage experience.


After you meet R8, the other massages look like very superficial. R8 makes you feel the difference in every massage, 3-dimensional technology with the same care at every angle.


Be ready to sever your ties with the real world as soon as you sit. With Zero Gravity, the R8 challenges gravity and makes you feel like you're in space.

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Çok Programlı Masaj koltuğu
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Head Massage Device

Head massage device is one of the most important features of R8. The airbags help to relieve migraine and headache by pressing the nape of the neck and around the head.

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6 different automatic massage programs

R8 has 6 different automatic programs including dynamic massage, stretching-stretching, night massage, neck and shoulder weighted massage, back and waist massages, massage with air cushions only.

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Zero Space & Zero Gravity

With Zero-Space feature, the R8 does not touch the wall during sleep even if the back is very close to the wall. When the seat is lying, it extends forward, not towards the back and completes the position.

Zero gravity is supported by doctors as the most healthy form of sitting. By allowing your body to challenge gravity, you can relax completely and get away from stress.

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Neck Massage

Massager arms with 12.5 cm forward elongation ability to massage the upper Trapezius muscle effectively.

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Stretching Program

Stretching massage allows the muscles and joints to be strengthened.

In the night massage, the chair swings back and forth to prepare you for an efficient night's sleep.

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"R8 has a unique value for Cellini® in every respect."
Cellini® General Manager İbrahim Erim.

Reflexology Therapy

The energy in the body can be obstructed by distress, stress, diseases and traumas. As a result of these blockages, some organ take more energy and some take less energy. This imbalance slowly causes the organs to fail to perform their duties well.

Reflexology therapy of the R8 helps the rest of these blockages and the flow of energy, with the pressure applied to the standing places. The energy dissipated in harmony with organs stimulates the body.

Air cushion knead the calves with circular motions, takes fatigue, helps relax the contracted muscles.

The heating and compression function contributes to regional weakening by accelerating blood circulation in the hips and thighs.

The body in which the energy is spread evenly is healthy and has a strong immune system.

Thermotherapy Effect

Treatment with heat has been used as the most effective method in the treatment of pain for centuries. In muscular pain, heating has a healing effect beyond instant pain relief.

Hot treatment primarily serves to relieve muscle pain and stress. The muscles relax in a warm environment and with the effect of the nervous system, it helps you to reach your natural health.

The shoulder air cushions are very tightly grasped and the back is stretched in the opposite direction and the arm massage starts with the fingers of the hands and the whole arm is massaged.

The heating system is active in back and calves. It is aimed to increase the effect of massage by heating the body. In case of use in cold environments, opening the heating system before sitting on the seat will increase comfort.


Music therapy

We know that music stimulates centers for thinking, learning, speech, and body control in the central nervous system and the brain shell.

Enjoy listening to music while getting massage therapy with Stereo R8 speakers. It'il be good for your nervous system.

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⨀ 6 Different automatic massage programs
⨀ J Type Technology
⨀ Easy control keys
⨀ 5D Massage Technology
⨀ Thermotherapy Effect & Heating System
⨀ Zero Gravity & Zero Space
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