Master Drive

Are you ready for a massage experience with artificial intelligence? Master Drive® incorporates Intelligent Sensors that precisely learn your unique body contours to deliver a masterful massage experience.

A reflection of a real massage master.

Powered by modern massage technology, the M.5 Gen Microprocessor incorporates intelligent sensors that allow Master Drive to accurately learn and adapt to all your body contours.

Ogawa Master Drive Processor

Smart sensors transmit and analyze your whole body for a personalized massage to microprocessors. Comfort is not only outside of Master Drive®, but also within.

The intelligence that carries you forward.

Precision body analysis

Master Drive® is able to detect body shape precisely with its capable sensors. Thanks to these data, it applies massage program at hardness level suitable for person and structure.

Human hand sensitivity

Thanks to its rhythm-tuned and pressure-sensitive massage system that can be moved in all directions, it provides experience as if receiving more than one specialist at the same time.

Medical knowledge of the East

We know that the most preferred types of massage in the world are of Far East origin. Master Drive® is designed to create a unique experience with the guidance of more than one Far Eastern massage specialist.

L Shape Masaj Koltuğu
22 Otomatik Masaj Programı
3D Ayak Masajı Terapisi
Zero Space
Zero Space

4D M-Sensing L-Track Technology

Thanks to L Track technology, it provides a safe and comfortable session for the person sitting on the massage chair, whether short or long.

L Track technology scans your body size from the neck to the end of your seat when you sit on the seat and protects your health.

The result is a massage designed to move along with your body's natural curves for optimum results.

The wide contact angle L-Shape system starts from the neck and extends to 135 cm and extends to the hips and legs. By using sensitive body analysis program data, it provides personalized massage session.

22 different automatic massage programs

With Master Drive®, you can set and record the massage program, massage zone and hardness of your body.

One or more of the 22 different automatic programs available in the memory can be used according to the needs.

You can choose point massage programs such as Percussion, Tui Na, Pulse technique, Swedish massage, kneading or shiatsu from the 7 inch touch control screen and focus on a particular point that your body needs.

3D Reflexology Therapy

The foot bellow extends up to 28cm for an enhanced reflexology journey. Massage rollers and airbags relax the feet with meat.

Built-in airbags simulate a humanized touch with relaxing rhythmic movements.

Zero Space

The Master Drive® Zero-Space feature does not touch the wall when lying, even if the back is too close to the wall. When the seat is lying, it extends forward, not towards the back and completes the bed.

7 inc Touch Control Screen

Large control panel for easier adjustment of massage point and methods and easier to read summary information about automatic massage programs.




Small details make a big difference.

With the M-Drive® controller, check the depth and intensity of the massage without interrupting your therapy.

Ogawa Master Drive Processor

3D Reflexology Therapy

The energy in the body can be obstructed by distress, stress, diseases and traumas. As a result of these blockages, some organ take more energy and some take less energy. This imbalance slowly causes the organs to fail to perform their duties well.

Master Drive® 's advanced 3D reflexology therapy helps to ensure that these blockages are opened and the flow of energy is maintained with the pressure applied to the foot. The energy dissipated in harmony with organs stimulates the body.

The body in which the energy is spread evenly is healthy and has a strong immune system.


Music Therapy

We all know that music stimulates centers for thinking, learning, speech, and body control in the central nervous system and the brain shell. Enjoy listening to music while getting massage therapy with the advanced M-Drive® speakers, and it's good for your nervous system.

Light Therapy

The positive effects of light and color therapy on mood are used throughout history. The most important benefits are the acceleration of metabolism and detoxification. From the M-Drive® control screen, you can achieve your desired light therapy from 7 different effects.

⨀ 22 different automatic massage programs
⨀ M-sensing L-Track Technology
⨀ M-Drive® Control Unit
⨀ 4D Massage Technology & 3D Reflexology Therapy
⨀ Thermotherapy Effect & Heating System
⨀ Zero Gravity & Zero Space