Perfect Chair

Anyone suffering from back pain knows how bad this is and how hard it is to relax. The Cellini Perfect Chair is designed to maximize seating comfort.

Cellini Perfect Chair is designed to maximize seating comfort

Very special sponges are used in the seat which is comfortable at the special design level.

In the production of quality real leather has been used, and a long time to serve you and your family is a seat. It will add value to your home with its elegance.

Massage with the airbags relaxes the body and prevents numbness during long sitting times.

The heating system will give your body warmth on cold days and relax your muscles.

With Zero Gravity position, it is possible to distribute your body weight in the most appropriate way. The Zero gravity position has been specially calculated for astronauts to withstand the high Z G ın force.

The seating position, footrest and backrest can be adjusted separately by means of electric control. You can adjust the position you want when reading a book or watching TV. You can also get the sleeping position completely by tilting.

The overhead tendon is adjusted to support the foot of the seat, providing comfort. The waist is fully compatible with the backbone, especially for people with low back pain. Special pads are also available to support the neck and waist. The armrests are set to the ideal level for maximum comfort when you rest your arms.