Massage Pillow

At home, in the office, everywhere! The Massage Pillow is the most practical way to relax your tired muscles and get rid of the stress of the day.


At home, in the office, use Massage Pillow at everywhere!

It is perfect for stretching the muscles, especially your neck. With a weight of 1 kg; on holiday, at home, product can be with you at any time.

When you take long walks, the Cellini® Massage Pillow Device that you remove from your luggage will relax your tired muscles and get tired. It helps to increase the massage effect by allowing the muscles to flex and relax with the heating system.

Can be used at any point in the spine. Relieves the muscles on both sides of the spine, helps to feed the cells, accelerates blood circulation.

  • It is used by gently pressing on the painful area to relieve body pain, especially for waist, back, leg and neck.
  • They are particularly effective when they are applied to the neck and shoulders to reduce stress.
  • Deep tissue massage is effective and simple to apply.
  • It can be easily used in the car seat, in the home chair or in the office chair. It is also possible to use the product while lying down.
  • You can place your feet on the device to relieve the muscles of the feet.
  • It is also a very necessary product for people who are busy using computer or handcrafted. Effective massages can be obtained for tired hands and palms.
⨀ Cable for use in the vehicle.
⨀ Ergonomically designed, specially designed to touch every detail of the body.
⨀ Aesthetic design and stylish, it can be used easily in any environment.
⨀ Portable, can be transported anywhere.
⨀ It has a weight of 1kg.