At home or in the office; a small massage chair for those who expect great...


Fashion and Design

i-Smart, with its appearance, revitalizes the environment. It changes the energy of the environment with different colors. The new generation miniature design allows easy adaptation to shrinking homes and offices.

Perfect Posture Angle

The angle of admission is an important element in classic seats. i-Smart exhibits the full performance of the massage, independent of the horizontal and vertical lying positions.

Amazing 3D Massage Performance

Users often note that the massage arms feel surprisingly efficient at any point in depth massage.

Easy Access to Keys for Easy Use

The i-Smart controls are positioned to reach the easiest way.

Heating and Compression System

The ladies will be so happy to hear about this information. A combination of heating and compression in the hips and legs. This thoughtful service promises a great opportunity for ladies who want to tighten and slim down. The powerful side airbags will surprise you with an unexpected performance.

Intensive and Professional Hip Massage

We have another great news for the ladies. Women who want their hip to be higher and above will not be able to neglect the use of i-Smart. Professional rollers move the hips up and down the hips. We have no doubt that you will be tighter and more in time with regular use.

Massage Area Choices

In the i-Smart massage chair, you can prefer more intensive massage by giving privilege to problem areas. This can only be done by pressing a button.

Perfect Back and Waist Massage

The i-Smart massage chair is the perfect helper for people with back and low back pain. Immediately shows the effect even in short periods of use. It owes its ability to a specially designed flexible 3D system.

Technological Reflections in the i-Smart Massage Chair

Flexible 3D massage rollers were used for the first time in the i-Smart massage chair. Touches on the body became more elegant and effective than ever before. Rhythmic massages were delivered to the equivalent of human hand massage.

The acupuncture points are detected by the automatic body scanning system and the massage is adapted to the body shape of the user. The system works differently for tall and short people.

i-Smart Benefits

  • Flexible stretchable massage rollers stretch the muscles stretched during the day.
  • People sitting on the i-Smart feel comfortable, healthy and safe because of the ergonomic structure of the seat.
  • The most important return we get from users is how much the i-Smart massage chair has the potential to reduce work fatigue.
  • The i-Smart massage chair is not only for massaging, it also has great comfort to sit and spend time in the day.
  • When you sit down to relieve muscle aches and rest your tired body, you will experience an unexpected massage from the gentle and clever image.
  • After the massage, you will notice the return on your sleep when you see your working performance the next day.
  • The revival that you feel on your body immediately after the massage will prove that you have made a good decision by choosing i-Smart.

i-Smart Massage Capabilities

  • The neck grip and hip massage are designed especially for the forefront.
  • With the kneading massage, the trapozius muscle (muscles on both sides of the neck) is elegantly softened.
  • Blood circulation is accelerated with percussion massage.


Treatment with heat has been used as the most effective method in the treatment of pain for centuries. In muscular pain, heating has a healing effect beyond instant pain relief.

Hot treatment primarily serves to relieve muscle pain and stress. The muscles relax in a warm environment and with the effect of the nervous system, it helps you to reach your natural health.

Thanks to the heating system, especially the hip area, massage, flexes and softens muscles. In regular use; help you reach tighter muscles.