Dodo 10

The Dodo10 is innovative and has a fluid design with successive lines.

Fluent, bold and athletic.

The Dodo 10 is innovative and has a fluid design with successive lines.

3D S & L Shape Technology

Thanks to the Dodo 10, S and L Track technology, it provides a safe and comfortable session for the person sitting on the massage chair.

L Track technology scans your body size from the neck to the end of your seat when you sit on the seat and protects your health.

While the L-Track provides high performance to your neck, shoulders and thighs, the S-Track closely monitors the curvature of the spine.

The result: the massage designed to move along with your body's natural curves for optimum results.


U Shaped Head Massage Pads

You get a relaxing massage with air cushion pressure on the forehead and temples. The airbags compress your head from the right and left over your ears, and the pressure relaxes the person. People with complaints of headache and migraine may prefer.

Stretching stretching movements are held by the person's feet and pulled downwards, while the airbags in the shoulder and hips of the legs surround the person. In this way both legs and spine are stretched stretched. Helps reduce hunch and knee problems.

Zero space masaj koltuğu
Masaj koltuğu programı

Zero Space & Zero Gravity

With the Zero-Space feature, the Dodo 10 does not touch the wall during sleep even if its back is very close to the wall. When the seat is lying, it extends forward, not towards the back and completes the bed.

Zero gravity is supported by doctors as the most healthy form of sitting. By allowing your body to challenge gravity, you can relax completely and get away from stress.

Massage Programs

With automatic programs, the required massage program is selected and the massage starts automatically and the whole body is massaged or manual massage programs can be preferred and a single point or area can be targeted. The desired massage method can be selected.




Both elegance and a professional massage experience. Moreover, ergonomic.

Reflexology Therapy

The energy in the body can be obstructed by distress, stress, diseases and traumas. As a result of these blockages, some organ take more energy and some take less energy. This imbalance slowly causes the organs to fail to perform their duties well.

The Dodo 10's reflexology therapy helps to ensure that these blockages are opened and the flow of energy is maintained with the pressure applied to the standing areas. The energy dissipated in harmony with organs stimulates the body.

Air cushion knead the calves with circular motions, reduces fatigue, helps relax the contracted muscles.

Compression function promotes regional weakening by accelerating blood circulation in the hips and thighs.

The body in which the energy is spread evenly is healthy and has a strong immune system.


Treatment with heat has been used as the most effective method in the treatment of pain for centuries. In muscular pain, heating has a healing effect beyond instant pain relief.

Hot treatment primarily serves to relieve muscle pain and stress. The muscles relax in a warm environment and with the effect of the nervous system, it helps you to reach your natural health.

With heating system, the Dodo 10 prepares the whole body for massage, flexes and softens the muscles.


Music therapy

We know that music stimulates centers for thinking, learning, speech, and body control in the central nervous system and the brain shell.

Enjoy listening to music while getting massage therapy. It'il be good for your nervous system.