With clear, clean lines and innovative design, the CL08 not only relieves your pain with its neutral posture, but also improves sitting comfort to an extraordinary level. At home or in your office, CL08 will add value to its location with its prestigious design and functions.

Clear, classy, ​​clean lines and innovative design.

At home or in your office, CL08 will add value to its location with its prestigious design and functions.

Functional Using

Who wouldn't want a seat in the fireplace or in front of the television?

Or will not be a prestige for your visitors to turn into a massage chair at the moment your guests' guest chair is sitting in your office?

CL08 Massage chair can be turned into a massage chair with one button.

Reflexology Therapy

The energy in the body can be obstructed by distress, stress, diseases and traumas. As a result of these blockages, some organ take more energy and some take less energy. This imbalance slowly causes the organs to fail to perform their duties well.

The reflexology therapy of CL08 helps to ensure that these blockages are opened and the flow of energy is maintained by the pressure applied to the foot. The energy dissipated in harmony with organs stimulates the body.

Functional use

With the pressure applied to the back, the muscles on both sides of the spine are pressed and stretched. The distance and distance of the massage arms to the spine can be adjusted while the head is moving. Thus, close to the spine and distant muscles are touched.

The vibration feature on the massage arms helps deep penetration of the effects of the back massage and helps the upper skin to move. A deeper relief is provided.


Treatment with heat has been used as the most effective method in the treatment of pain for centuries. In muscular pain, heating has a healing effect beyond instant pain relief.

Hot treatment primarily serves to relieve muscle pain and stress. The muscles relax in a warm environment and with the effect of the nervous system, it helps you to reach your natural health.

The CL08 prepares the entire body for massage, the muscles are stretched and softened by the heating system.

With its digital display control, you can instantly monitor which massage is applied, adjust the strength of the airbags and the speed of the massage according to your needs. Only one button is enough to turn CL08 into a re-seat chair.