Made of elegant, simple design and beautiful, natural materials; The Ambassador is a luxurious massage chair unlike any other.

Elegant, simple design and beautiful. Made of natural materials; The Ambassador is a luxurious massage chair unlike any other.

3D Massage Therapy

The Ambassador, thanks to its 3D technology, provides a safe and comfortable session for the person sitting on the massage chair.

3D technology sees the size of your body from the neck to the end of your seat when you sit on the seat and protects your health.

3D technology provides high performance to your neck, shoulders and thighs, and closely monitors the curvature of the spine.

The result: massage designed to move along with your body's natural curves for optimum results.


The Ambassador is equipped with airbags to improve blood circulation and lymph circulation.

Adjustable shoulder airbags allow the user to fully grasp the shoulders. When stretching and passive gymnastics movements are applied, a full grasp of the shoulders is very important.

The Ambassador also has a vibration system to keep the user comfortable for a long time and to prevent numbness.

Zero space masaj koltuğu
Masaj koltuğu programı

Zero Space & Zero Gravity

With the Ambassador Zero-Space feature, the back wall is not very close to the wall even if it is very close to the wall. When the seat is lying, it extends forward, not towards the back and completes the bed.

Zero gravity is supported by doctors as the most healthy form of sitting. By allowing your body to challenge gravity, you can relax completely and get away from stress.

19 Different Automatic Massage Programs

You can focus on the desired area using the manual massage methods. You can determine the massage method you need through 6 different massage methods and determine its severity in 5 stages.

With 19 different automatic program options, you can choose the massage method that suits your needs during the day.

Right below the main control panel, functional keys are added to the armrest so that you can easily reach the frequently used keys during the massage session.

There is also a USB port where you can charge your Tablet PC and Mobile Phone during massage.


Reflexology Therapy

The energy in the body can be obstructed by distress, stress, diseases and traumas. As a result of these blockages, some organ take more energy and some take less energy. This imbalance slowly causes the organs to fail to perform their duties well.

The Ambassador's reflexology therapy helps to keep these blockages open and to ensure the flow of energy through the pressure applied to the foot. The energy dissipated in harmony with organs stimulates the body.

Air cushion knead the calves with circular motions, takes fatigue, helps relax the contracted muscles.

Compression function promotes regional weakening by accelerating blood circulation in the hips and thighs.

The body in which the energy is spread evenly is healthy and has a strong immune system.


Treatment with heat has been used as the most effective method in the treatment of pain for centuries. In muscular pain, heating has a healing effect beyond instant pain relief.

Hot treatment primarily serves to relieve muscle pain and stress. The muscles relax in a warm environment and with the effect of the nervous system, it helps you to reach your natural health.

The Ambassador prepares the whole body to massage, heating and softens the muscles through the heating system.


Music Therapy

We know that music stimulates centers for thinking, learning, speech, and body control in the central nervous system and the brain shell. Enjoy listening to music while receiving massage therapy with the advanced Ambassador speakers, it will be very good for your nervous system.

Light Therapy

The positive effects of light and color therapy on mood are used throughout history. The most important benefits are the acceleration of metabolism and detoxification. You can access your desired light therapy from the Ambassador control screen.

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