With a popular holistic and complementary therapy with reflexology massage, the Cellini A05 helps to improve your health with a foot and calf massage. Reflexology therapy helps to relieve stress and pain in the whole body.


A05 Foot massage 2018 is the newest type of foot massage device that comes into the market in July.

The first feature that makes different from our other foot massage devices; It is the ability to open and close the calf massage device.

Bekleme Salonu Masaj Koltuğu

You can have a massage in your calf by opening the calf apparatus or just feet.

Bekleme Salonu Masaj Koltuğu

This feature also provides ease of storage. In addition, the light alloys used in the production of A05 relieved the device and rescued it from the clumsiness of similar models.

Bekleme Salonu Masaj Koltuğu

At home or in the office; just use the plug to operate the device ready for use at any time.

Bekleme Salonu Masaj Koltuğu

Vibration system

The strong vibration system on the soles of the feet helps to relieve.

The powerful vibration system helps to relax the legs.

Reduce fatigue and the tension in your foot muscles.


The effect of massage is increased by the heating system which is also felt on the foot including the soles of the feet.

You can switch the heating system on and off at any time.

The energy in the body can be obstructed by sadness, stress, diseases and traumas. As a result of these blockages, some organ take more energy and some take less energy. This imbalance slowly causes the organs to fail to perform their duties well.

The A05's reflexology therapy helps to ensure that these blockages are opened and the flow of energy is maintained by the pressure applied to the standing places. The energy dissipated in harmony with organs stimulates the body.

Bekleme Salonu Masaj Koltuğu