Thanks to our communication with physicians specialized in physical therapy and rehabilitation; The aim of this course is to guide the people who have health problems in the choice of the products that are equipped with massage techniques that can help in their treatment. Within the framework of this vision, we aim to ensure the continuity of manual therapy methods in your home and to preserve health.

Our mission; When we look at the massage chair usage rates in developed countries, we see that massage is a part of healthy life. Our aim is to explain the positive effects of massage on human anatomy and quality of life; To ensure that people reach this comfort with the right product options.

Massage chairs are offered with Cellini® brand by Ergo Sağlık ve Ev Ürünleri Tic. Ltd. Şti Turkey market since 1996.

Cellini® adopts the integrated operating system as a principle. In order to maintain its service quality, it markets only its branches and Profilo service channels at 360 points throughout Turkey. 

Cellini® is the distributor of the world-renowned Japanese Inada, Fuji, Ogawa, Malaysian Tokuyo and American Dreamwave companies in the Middle East and Turkic Republics.

Our vision:

For 20 years, Cellini has gained the trust of its customers by offering the right massage chairs and products to its customers. It aims to prevent people from getting health problems before they occur.